Scope of Work
Clients would be required to mandate Experts Consult Limited with a Power of Attorney to act fully and effectual as they may do themselves.

Experts Consult limited shall promptly undertake the collection of all accounts referred to it without regard to the amounts to achieve a maximum recovery of all debts.


Experts Consult limited affirms that it has the requisite expertise, resources and skills to recover from the defaulting customers. Harassment and other forms of intimidation that would violate the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. (FDCPA) shall be rescind.


Adopted procedures shall include, but not limited to a reasonable number of phone calls, mail efforts, tracing, personal visits, dispute resolution and arbitration should the need be.


Experts Consult shall adhere to all applicable laws governing debt collection including guidelines established by law. It shall operate within the tenant of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act. (FDCPA)


Legal recovery through the court shall be adopted where all other efforts fail, however Experts Consult Limited shall have no authority to file any suit in court without the expressed consent of its clients.


In the event that a claim, complaint, or legal action is made, served or filed for threats, intimidation, harassment, deception, or any other improper act or practice arising out of the methodologies adopted or employed by Experts Consult in violation of the laws as listed above, its agents, officers, or employees is alleged to be actually or contingently liable, Experts Consult shall defend such claims, complaint, or legal process and shall hold its clients, agents, officers, or employees indemnified, harmless against any judgement awarded.


Upon request, Experts Consult may cancel, defer or postpone the collection of an account and fees payable shall be 50% of the agreed fees if such account has not been referred to court. In situation where the matter is being heard in court, all applicable fees shall be paid to ECL.


Our Client reserves that right to call for the return to its offices any account that has remained inactive as a result of the inability to trace or locate the defaulter for a period agreed between the parties


Experts Consult shall provide monthly progress reports on all cases that shall be entrusted to us for recovery; such reports shall spell out efforts by ECL to retrieve payments from customers, amounts collected for the period, written communication to defaulters and their response and all other efforts made.


Online access to update and progress report is provided through our website with a username and password that shall be provided to you by ECL.


Where an account has on the instructions of our client been place under recovery through legal means, the status report shall include the amount under litigation, date case filed in court and date judgement obtained. ECL shall also submit copies of the entry of judgments to it's client for records.


Experts Consult shall remit in full, payments made by defaulters upon receipt of such payments.


Experts consult shall not negotiate to reduce amounts owed by defaulters in order to settle on any outstanding balance nor offer a waiver of any charge without the written approval.


Where an account referred to ECL for collection would create a condition of conflict of interest, ECL shall notify it clients within three days from the date of referral and the account returned.




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